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Anti-cellulite cup

Bubble-in PINUP

Price:£ 13.29

You had enough with manual dynamic palpate-roll?
Very efficient of course but it discourages of them more one! That's why Indemne propose you a simple and playful alternative in order to give you desire again! Discover Bubble-in!

Bubble-in reproduces the dynamic palpate-roll of kinesiologist at home. It works on all types of cellulite: fibrous, adipose, infiltrated cellulite.
An efficiency and recognised method in healthy sector in order to say goodbye to this nasty fat...Have you ever dreamt of it?

By using it with the lotion Gimme Smooth! regularly, it does not only reduce cellulite but it encourages circulation, tonifies peel, improves the skin elasticity, drains lymph, eliminates skin toxins and relaxes the muscles. That's all!

Easy to use, this suction cup has many beneficial effects, not only on cellulite but also on blood circulation and on tonifying and strengthening your skin. After some days of use, the first results will be visible on the massaged areas. It will become an essential accessory in your beauty routine and it will slide easily in your bag or vanity. Thus, you can take it everywhere with you, especially on holidays. 

This suction cup for your body is durable, reusable and environmentally responsible. It adopts an approach of Zero Waste and a cardboard recycled packaging.

At the end of the day, it’s an accessory useful for your fight against cellulite and for the environment!

  • Slow
  • CrueltyFree

slimming cup anti cellulite

Application in 4 steps :
1. Apply the lotion Gimme Smooth! In order to help massage and to improve results thanks to powerful and recognised active ingredients that act into hypodermis (the third layer of skin)
2. Evacuate the air from Bubble-in by pressing.

3. Apply it on the skin. A small suction will "lift" your cellulite, it's trapped!
4. Massage your peel vertically from top to bottom ,  horizontally  from left to right  then with a zig-zag move doing a "Z" like Zero cellulite!
You are in a hurry ? It can be used during the shower, with the cleansing base Gimme Soothing!

Time of use:
1st attack phase (or counterattack): 3 or 4 times a week for 5 to 10mn by area  alternately with a manual palpate-roll
2nd step of maintenance: 1 or 2 times a week for 5 to 10m, by area in addition of a manual palpate-roll.

Trick Indemne:
Don't hesitate to use Bubble-in to massage on others areas (shoulders, arms,...) test it also on yours friends, your boy(girl)friend, it's a real miracle product to remove tensions in the back!

Precautions for use:

  • Begin by small suctions the time needed for your skin to become acclimated  to the  treatment
    You can improve gradually the intensity .
  • If small bruises appear, don't panic, it's necessary to reduce intensity of application
  • Don't use it on varicoses. It can prevent appearances of new varicoses.
  • Don't use it on damaged or burnt skin
  • Don't use it on a sensitive, red or itching skin (such as eczema or psoriasis).
  • Don't use it in cases of cancer or lesions/damages
  • Bubble-in isn't a toy.
  • It's recommanded to have a well-balanced and nutritional diet and a regular sport activity for optimal results.
  • Bubble-in PINUP needs to be cleaned regularly with water and soft soap.
  • It's normal that your peel becomes red just after application, it's a blood flow.
    Blood flow restarts again!

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