Scented skincare oil

Baba Cool - Almond

100 mL

Price:£ 12.46

Discover the latest Indemne novelty with ultra-gourmet perfume and hippie-chic look for the well-being and the comfort of skin and spirit by olfactory therapy!

We are in a whole new era, an innovative concept that can pride itself on having the heart of serenity of our spirit, thanks to the sweet fragrance of almond tree. It was obtained through a selection of ten essential oils such as Camomile, Sandalwood and almond that helps fighting against anxiety and strengthens self-confidence: the very first anti-stress cosmetics. Its fragrance does not leave us indifferent and takes us to our little Madeleine Proust to each of us.

BABA COOL also offers benefits for the body such as: nourishing, softening, sublimating, perfuming, reducing emerging stretch marks and strengthening the skin. Thanks to the Avocado, Grape Seed, Macadamia or Sweet Almond oils, rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6 and Antioxidant.

The adventure begins now, discovering our brand new concept. An avant-garde and revolutionary care oil for the well-being and comfort of the body and the spirit of the whole family in a hippie chic universe! This zen oil, with the perfume 100% natural and ultra-greedy of Almond, it is your escape in the tropics in bottle! "

The perfumed care oil by Indemne not to be missed to be ultra-cool!

  • Sweet Almond Plant Oil: soothing, soothing
  • Vegetable oil of Macadamia: restructuring, nourishing, protective
  • Almond fragrance based exclusively on essential oils: relaxing, anti-stress, escape, appeal to greed  


And if Latin was not your second language in college...

Grape seed oil, sunflower oil, vegetable fatty ester, Macadamia oil, vegetable fatty esters, sweet almond oil, Avocado oil, perfume *, aromatic compounds found in the natural fragrance.

(1) Natural fragrance from essential oils
(2) Naturally present in essential oils

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