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Antisèche - Natural nourishing oil for face, body, and hair

Antisèche nourishes, repairs and protects your body from head to toe. Thanks to its natural vegetable oils and essential oils complex, it daily sublimes and envelops your body in a delicate veil of Sweet almond and Neroli. Enjoy a moment of well-being while taking care of you!

  • For the body:

- Wrap yourself in a soft veil after the shower, ANTISECHE quickly penetrates and feeds in-depth your skin.

- Applied in massage, it nourishes and decreases the visible aspect of stretch marks.

  • For the face:

- Antisèche easily replaces your day or night cream for a smooth and glowing skin throughout the day.

  • For the hair:

- Great to apply on hair before the shampoo, like repair care and after the sun exposition, your hair find their brightness and suppleness thanks to this oil.

  • For feet and cuticles:

- Antisèche repairs and nourishes the driest zones for immediate well-being, your little feet will thank you!

  • From what age can we use it?

- The Antisèche oil is ideal for damaged, dry skin that can sometimes itch our little ones. That's why it's possible to use it as early as 36 months.

  • After using Antisèche, you can rinse your face with Eau de Génie.
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The Word of doc

Why are the Gimme Soothing! range and Antisèche lotion recommended for the treatment of sensitive and dry skins (even in cases of psoriasis and eczema)? 

These skin types have one thing in common : they’re delicate and prone the irritation and inflammation. Indemne provides solutions that are innovative in several ways: 
- They contain multiple essential oils ; which are synergic and carefully doses. These active ingredients are soothing, anti-inflammatory and fight secondary infection in delicate skins. 
- They contain oils as the main excipient. These waterless cosmetics form a protective film that accelerates skin repair while moisturising and protecting the treated area. This choice of formula also makes the EOs easier to absorb. 
- With its formula suitable for children, the gimme soothing lotion is a real breakthrough, as there are very few treatment creams specially developed for little one’s skin.
- Last but not least, the Gimme Soothing! gentle cleansing base is ideal for sensitive skin types as it does not weaken the epidermis.

NINA ROOS, Dermatologist

Formulated to restore suppleness and comfort to a thirsty, damaged, dry skin, having undergone too much sun or cold:

  • Sweet Almond Plant Oil: Nourishing, Soothing.
  • Wheat germ oil: Repairer Neroli essential oil: Regenerating.
  • Cadier Wood Essential Oil: Anti-inflammatory.
  • Chamomile Essential Oil: Anti-inflammatory and soothing.


And if Latin was not your second language in college...

Fractionated coconut oil, Grape seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Hemp seed oil, Wheat germ oil, Olive oil and coconut oil esters (emollient), alcohol used for the esterification of oils, essential oil of cade, essential oil of bitter orange flower (neroli), essential oil of Roman chamomile, squalene (emollient), vitamin E, perfume composed of essential oils, ingredients naturally present in the essential oils.

* Ecocertified. ** Natural fragrance from essential oils.
*** Naturally present in essential oils.

Essential oils are alive, which is why the Antiseche lotion can change color over time. It's perfectly normal. This does not alter its virtues.

Tips for using Antiseche Care Oil, nourishing oil, nourishing hair oil, nourishing face oil, nourishing oil care

Morning and evening:

On perfectly clean and dry skin, apply a few drops of Antisèche care oil. It should be applied on the face as a replacement or supplement to your usual care, on the body to sublimate and nourish deeply and on the tip of the hair repairing care.

Precaution for use:

Not suitable for children under 36 months. Do not use on open wounds or bleeding skin. Always test the product on the inner elbow and leave it for 24 hours before applying on larger skin areas.

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