Skin problems' glossary by Indemne

Indemne is the first French laboratory to bet on specialising in ready-to-use essential oils for capricious skins. 

Find here our glossary for skin problems. Enjoy!

Age spots

age spots

Light or dark brown in colour, age spots are the direct result of decades of exposure to the sun's UV rays. They also have the nickname of Cemetery flowers.


blackheads face

Blackheads are black points with a piercing tip on the pore surface. This part oxidizes and then becomes black. Excessive sebum production is the main cause. They are also the first stage of acne.

In order to reduce blackheads, Indemne offers you a 100% natural and ORGANIC solution: our Gimme Clear! lotion which will help to reduce the excess of sebum, blemishes and blackheads in order to regain a smooth skin texture. If you wear make-up, it is advisable to remove your make-up with our micellar water, the Miss Ella lotion; then, you can cleanse your face with our washing base, Gimme Soothing! and finally, perfect your cleansing with our 100% organic and alcohol-free tonic water, Eau de Génie.



Better known as blue, bruises are the visible result of an accumulation of blood under the skin. Initially red, the spot changes colour as the blood decomposition process evolves: purplish blue, dark blue, green and finally yellow-brown.


callus foot

Located on the foot (soles or toes), callus is an induration of the skin that become thicker and harder after repeated rubbing. If it is not painful, it can be sanded with a foot grater However, in case of inflammation, it is recommended to consult a doctor.



A crust is the visible result of the drying of the liquid composed of protein, glucose, skin cells and blood. Its purpose is to close the open areas and prevent the penetration of germs. It will disappear after the formation of a new layer of skin.

Once it has fallen off, it is advisable to use the Antisèche nourishing oil and to massage well to avoid scars. It can be washed off with the Gimme Soothing! washing base.

Dark circles

dark circles

Dark circles are changes under the eyelid. There are four types of dark circles: hollow, full, dark and mixed. It is mainly due to congestion of the lymphatic and blood capillaries. A poor lifestyle can also be the reason. Dark circles can also be the consequence of a lack of water and kidney weakness. It is therefore recommended to drink a lot of water to activate the kidneys.



Affecting 15% of children in the world, eczema is an inflammation of the skin, causing itching and often accompanied by scabs or blisters. It starts with dry skin, which leads to skin lesions.

We advise you to use our Gimme Soothing! range, composed of a cleansing base and a lotion, to relieve, repair and soothe the most sensitive skin.

Keratosis pilaris

keratosis pilaris

This disease has a genetic origin and it is the consequence of an overproduction of keratin leading to an obstruction of the hair follicles. It gives the skin a granular appearance on the arms, thighs, buttocks but also on the face. It occurs mainly during the adolescence, on skins with an allergic tendency.

In order to relieve your keratosis hair, Indemne has designed the Gimme Clean! range, consisting of a shampoo and a lotion. Both are intended to soothe itching, irritations and redness of the scalp and skin.



It is a pigmented and benign tumour in most cases. It can evolve into melanoma in 1 case out of 100,000. In order to detect it, here some tips:

  • An asymmetrical grain
  • At Uneven Edges
  • Non-homogeneous Colour
  • In Large Diameter
  • Or Evolves

it is recommended to be seen by a dermatologist.



Affecting about 4% of the population, psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease. Cells renew themselves at an abnormally fast rate: 3 to 6 days instead of 28 to 30 days. Dead cells accumulate and form a thick crust. The exact causes of this disease are not known, although genetic and environmental factors may be involved. In 40% of cases, there is a family history of the disease. Stress, infections, injuries, medication, fatigue, anxiety can all contribute to triggering the disease.

There are different types of psosiaris:

  • Psosiaris of the scalp
  • Palmoplantar psoriasis
  • Reverse psoriasis, characterized by plaques in the folds of the skin (knees, armpits, groin...)
  • Nail psoriasis

In order to relieve irritated and red skin, Indemne has designed the Gimme Soothing! range consisting of a washing base and a lotion. Both are designed to soothe and protect the most sensitive and irritated skins.



Common for children, a scab is characterized by the appearance of frequent skin lesions. It is considered as a minor sign of atopy, a skin condition predisposing to allergies and eczema. It mainly appears on the cheeks, the extension faces of the thighs and arms, the rubbing areas of the trunk, the shoulders and the convexities of the abdomen.

In order to relieve irritated and red skins, Indemne has designed the Gimme Soothing! range consisting of a washing base and a lotion. Both are designed to calm and protect the most sensitive and irritated skins.



A scar is the visible part of a lesion that has damaged the dermis. It stands out from the rest of the skin because of its lighter colour. It requires special attention since it is more sensitive to UV radiation than the rest of the skin.

In order to make a scar disappear, Indemne recommends that you wash it with the Gimme Soothing! washing base and massage it daily for 5 to 6 minutes using the Antisèche nourishing oil.

Seborrheic dermatitis

seborrheic dermatitis

One of the most common forms of seborrheic dermatitis appears on the scalp, forehead, ears, nose, around the eyes and on the eyebrows, as well as, along the side of the nose. Seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp appears when there are at least three factors: the presence of Malassezia fungus yeast, hyperseborrhea and immune deficiency. The cause of dandruff would be the Malassezia yeast fungus. This organism is naturally present in the skin in small quantities. When its number increases, it causes skin problems.

We advise you to use our Gimme Clean! shampoo and lotion, which will soothe and protect the scalp.

Skin grains

skin grains

Often confused with white dots, due to their granular appearance, milium grains are composed of horny cells. It is strongly discouraged to try to pierce them. They do not require treatment since they resorb by themselves.

Spider veins

spider veins

Spider veins are the result of blood stagnation in the small vessels of the leg. They spread, swelland draw blue-red lines under the skin.

Stretch marks

Initially with a purplish-red colour, stretch marks are the visible result of major skin tensions such as pregnancy or rapid weight gain. Over time, they become white and pearly.

In order to reduce the visible appearance of stretch marks, Indemne has developed a natural and effective solution: the Antisèche nourishing oil. To prevent their appearance, Baba Cool scented skincare oils are ideal and can be used during pregnancy.


Vitiligo is a chronic disease characterized by the appearance of white patches on the skin that can become larger over time. Its origin is still unknown, but stress can be an aggravating factor.