Research, Development and Innovation

Research, Development & Innovation

The Indemne brand is eager to offer a natural solution to skin problems but also wants to play them down. The brand relies on a research and development service, expert in natural dermo-cosmetics but also in aromatherapy and phytotherapy (science of essential oils and plant oils). The aim: Offering you natural and effective cosmetics to cure skin and scalp problems with only essential oils and plant oils.

Indemne selects the best natural active ingredients

Selecting the best 100% natural active ingredients means a lot to Indemne as they are the bases of good eco-friendly and consumer-friendly products.

In our products, there are no paraben, no silicone, no methylisothiazolinone, no phthalate, no mineral oils and no animal-derived materials.

Creating a new Indemne product takes one to two years of work. Depending on their properties, the essential oils are selected by a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research, certified by the ANSM in accordance with the good manufacturing practices of active substances, conform to the EU regulations and for a single dermo-cosmetic purpose.

Our Research and Development team carries on seeking new actives, new fragrances and innovative textures to develop effective, eco-friendly, eco-consumer and surprising formulas. Indemne filed a patent and its innovation in cosmetics has been recognized by the INPI (National Institute for Industrial Property).