Blackheads remover


Price:£ 7.95

Domi-No is a blackhead remover to extract comedones in a efficient and clean way. It's easy to use.

Nowadays, there is no cosmetic which allow to treat blackheads, Domi-No is THE SOLUTION to get rid of blackhead (sebum excess accumulated in the pores of the skin).

The ingenious Domi-No :

  • extracts blackheads in an efficient way
  • allows an targetted and clean use
  • prevents secondary infections and scares
  • will follow you everywhere
  • presents a double-ended (for extraction and finish)

  • Slow
  • CrueltyFree
  • Enceinte

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  1. Apply this tool on a cleansed skin. For this, we propose the Miss Ella Lotion, the Konjac sponge I Love K® and Eau de Génie.
  2. We advise to use this tool in addition of Gimme Clear! lotion (to sooth and purify the skin after use of tool).
  3. It should be disinfected before and after each use.

How to use it ?

Precautions for use:

  • Do not use on pimples
  • Do not use on broken, bleeding skin
  • Applying too much force can cause infection and scarring
  • Do not apply near the eyes and mouth

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