• Big Bubble-in, an anti-cellulite cup in silicone*, completes Bubble-in suction cup to fight against strong cellulite. Big Bubble-in acts in deeper level and targets strong cellulite on large areas. By using it with the slimming oil Gimme Smooth!, it reduces cellulite, encourages circulation, tonifies peel, improves its elasticity, drains lymph, eliminates...

    £ 21.54

  • Domi-No is a blackhead remover to extract comedones in a efficient and clean way. It's easy to use. Nowadays, there is no cosmetic which allow to treat blackheads, Domi-No is THE SOLUTION to get rid of blackhead (sebum excess accumulated in the pores of the skin). The ingenious Domi-No : extracts blackheads in an efficient way allows an targetted and...

    £ 7.46

  • I Love K® is a 100% natural vegetable facial Konjac cleansing sponge with violet to gently clean, exfoliate all skin types. I Love K® is a revolutionary solution for the cleansing of the most delicate skins, sensitives skin, a perfect and very soft skin guaranteed. I Love K®, you’ll fall in love with it…and its little coloured box!

    £ 7.46

  • You had enough with manual dynamic palpate-roll? Very efficient of course but it discourages of them more one! That's why Indemne propose you a simple and playful alternative in order to give you desire again! Discover Bubble-in! Bubble-in reproduces the dynamic palpate-roll of kinesiologist at home. It works on all types of cellulite: fibrous, adipose,...

    £ 14.13

  • 1 BASE LAVANTE PLAQUE-MOI !1 Antisèche1 Love KCODE EAN : 3770000175851

    £ 37.29

Our online beauty accessory collection

In addition to our natural, organic cosmetics enriched with essential oils, Indemne proposes a range of must-have accessories to help you make your beauty rituals easier. Easy to use, they will help you throughout your skincare steps and may top up the benefits of specific care (our suction device for example which, when used as a complement to our slimming oil, helps reduce cellulite). Our accessories are small and won’t take up much room in your make-up bag or vanity case if you wish to travel with them. They’re also a boost for your skin, helping purify it and reduce excess sebum production in particular. This is where the Konjac sponge comes in...

Practical items to help you care for your skin

Our beauty accessories available on our online store are specially-designed for skincare. Our suction devices can be used all over your body and help reduce dimpling, remove the orange-peel effect, boost your circulation and tone your skin. To remove blackheads hygienically, without leaving any visual traces, our blackhead remover is just perfect, especially if you also use our anti-imperfection care product as a complement. And, to cleanse your face gently yet deep down, we advise you to try out our Konjac sponge which unclogs pores. Whether you wish to purify your skin, refine it or remove make-up, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in our range of accessories!

Easy-to-use products at easy prices!

Discover our range of accessories for face and body care on our online store. Our team has selected them for their efficiency and their ease-of-use as a complement to our cosmetics... for example, facial cleansers, cleansing bases, micellar water or anti-imperfection lotion. Purchasable at easy prices, they will definitely become your favourite beauty items! Like all our other products they carry the Cruelty-free and Vegan label and are part of our official Slow Cosmétique-awarded brand. Discover our easy yet efficient advice for use for all our items. Ready? Then go explore our online catalogue right now!