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  • Soft skin for all the family. Gimme Soothing! cleansing base is a gentle, natural, face and body shower gel which cleanses, soothes and protects the whole family’s skin. A lightly-foaming, vegetable glycerin cleansing gel with a naturally flowery fragrance which leaves your skin soft and supple without drying it out. Perfect for caring for all types of...

    £ 12.50

    255 ml

  • Gimme Soothing! lotion is a blend of natural, active oils which soothe, relieve and repair sensitive, very dry and/or irritated skin which may also suffer from itching, tightness and even eczema or psoriasis. For faces, bodies and scalps which require softness. Its light fragrance envelops you with a pleasant veil and leaves your skin with a soft, silky...

    £ 17.50

    50 ml

  • Because preventing scratching is a universal right! Gimme Clean! lotion is a natural anti-itching treatment for skin and scalps. A blend of essential oils with aromatic and balsamic fragrances to relieve the most stubborn irritation, itching or flaking and even seborrhoeic dermatitis. This oil with its light texture can also be used to care for acne...

    £ 17.50

    50 ml

  • At long last... natural shampoo for your hair! Gimme Clean! shampoo is an ultra-gentle, natural shampoo for all types of hair. This aloe vera and lavender flower water shampoo which froths to a light, scented foam, gently cleanses the hair and makes it shiny, soft and silky. It is perfect for soothing and protecting flaky/scaly or irritated scalps and...

    £ 13.33

    210 ml

  • Time to wave goodbye to cellulite! Gimme Smooth! lotion is a natural, light slimming oil for getting rid of 3 types of cellulite: adipose, aqueous and fibrous whilst effectively and visibly reducing the orange peel effect. Formulated using active essential oils, it will enchant you with it refreshing citrus notes. It will leave your skin soft, firm and...

    £ 25.00

    100 ml

  • A must-do to ensure your skin’s like that of a Miss! Miss Ella lotion is natural micellar water composed of 100% pure, organic flower waters. It cleanses, purifies and removes make-up from the face and eyes thoroughly, it soothes the skin, even the most sensitive. A daily must-do step in your beauty routine to ensure your skin stays sustainably clean and...

    £ 11.67

    260 ml

  • An effective anti-redness treatment is performed in 2 steps to relieve, soothe and treat sensitive skin, dry or very dry that sting and scratch to the skin, eczema and psoriasis, both on the face and body. It should be used on a daily basis for at least 56 days and renewed 2 or 3 times a year. It is composed of: Two Gimme soothing! Cleansing base 255 ml:...

    £ 37.50

  • Ensure your skin glows! Eau de Génie is an alcohol-free, purifying and vitalizing tonic water comprising 100% natural dehydrated fruit waters to be sprayed at 15-20 cm distance from the face. This facial tonic tightens pores and adds the finishing cleansing and make-up removal touch for all types of skin by eliminating impurities and micelles still...

    £ 14.17

    135 ml

  • A 3-step anti-imperfection kit which cleanses and tones your skin and fights imperfections on a daily basis. It should be used morning and evening on a daily basis for at least 56 days* and renewed 2 or 3 times a year.The anti-imperfection beauty kit targets spots including acne, microcysts, hormonal spots, recent and old scars, and it also reduces excess...

    £ 37.50

  • A complete Anti-cellulite Kit to smooth, tone, and deeply free your orange peel effect. It has to be daily used during 56 days* at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year.  Anti cellulite Kit targets the young and strong cellulite, its efficiency is proved up to - 3.4 cm** !  It is composed of : :  Two lotions Gimme smooth! (100 ml) : Smoothes and reduces...

    £ 37.50

  • An efficient Anti-itching Kit in 2 steps to treat the irritated scalps and skins (itching, flaking up to seborrheic dermatitis). It acts on face with couperose and acne rosacea, revitalises them and gives radiance back to dull face. It has to be daily used during 56 days at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year. It is composed of: Step 1: One Gimme clean!...

    £ 37.50

  • Nourishing oil for face, body and hair. ANTISECHE nourishes, repairs and protects your body from head to toe. Thanks to its natural vegetable oils and essential oils complex, it daily sublimes and envelops your body in a delicate veil of Sweet almond and Neroli. Enjoy a moment of well-being while taking care of you ! For the body : - Wrap yourself in a...

    £ 19.17

    100 ml

Indemne... natural, organic beautycare products

Specialized in developing organic cosmetics enriched with essential oils and plant oils, and free from chemical substances, Indemne invites you to discover its extensive catalogue of gentle skincare products. If your skin is sensitive, atopic or irritated, you will find a range of skincare and beautycare products on our online store tailored to your needs. Our products are made in France, contain only natural ingredients, carry the Cruelty-free and Vegan label and we are an official Slow Cosmétique-awarded brand. As we prohibit chemical and environmentally-and-health-harmful substances, our products are perfectly suitable for pregnant women and for children under the age of 3.

Essential-oil-based care products

Atopic, sensitive and irritated skin types are more prone to allergies and other irritations than other skin types. We advise you to pay close attention to the composition of the beautycare products you use. When they contain chemical substances, there is more likelihood that your skin will react as it is attacked. And, this is why at Indemne we have chosen to use natural, organic essential oils and plant oils exclusively for our skincare and beautycare products. As such, you enjoy all their benefits and you can effectively fight dermatological issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, keratosis pilaris, redness, imperfections, scalp itching and cellulite.

Pamper your skin with ethical cosmetics!

It just takes a few clicks to discover all our organic skincare and beautycare products on our online store. Lotions, micellar water, tonic water, cleansing bases, soap to sprinkle, shampoos... Indemne offers you an extensive range of cosmetics to purify, remove make-up, cleanse, nourish, soothe and refine your skin. Totally committed to an ecological and ethical approach, Indemne focuses on natural, premium-quality ingredients (in particular essential oils) whose cultivation is monitored. All are Cruelty-free and Vegan and are packaged with recyclable materials. We have also reduced the size of our FSC-labelled casing. Our commitments mean we can offer you products which respect the environment, your health and animals. So, don’t wait any longer, come and discover our products and treat yourself!