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  • A pack composed of Domi-No (blackhead remover) and Gimme Clear! lotion 50ml (lien sur la page produit) to be stronger against imperfections. A winning duo because we are stronger together!

    £ 29.90

  • The Kit is in 3 steps to clean, tone and clear acne-prone skin. It has to be used daily during 56 days* at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year. It acts on oily skin, pimples and acne at the same time for good efficiency and can be integrated in your daily beauty ritual. The skin detox Kit treats pimples, blemishes, microkystes, hormonal pimples, removes...

    £ 57.30 £ 49.75

  • An efficiency Anti-irritation Kit in 3 steps to treat dry or very dry and sensitive skins which pricks and scratches up to eczema and psoriasis. It has to be daily used during 56 days at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year. It is composed of: Step 1: Gimme soothing! Cleansing base 255 ml: Gentle reparer cleansing gel Step 2: Gimme soothing! Lotion 50...

    £ 49.65 £ 45.95

  • An efficient Anti-itching Kit in 3 steps to treat the irritated scalps and skins (itching, flaking up to seborrheic dermatitis). It acts on face with couperose and acne rosacea, revitalises them and gives radiance back to dull face. It has to be daily used during 56 days at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year. It is composed of: Step 1: Gimme clean!...

    £ 50.85 £ 40.95

  • A complete Anti-cellulite Kit in 3 steps to smooth, tone, and deeply free your orange peel effect. It has to be daily used during 56 days* at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year.  Anti cellulite Kit targets the young and strong cellulite, its efficiency is proved up to - 3.4 cm** !  It is composed of :  Step 1 : Gimme smooth! lotion 100 ml : Smoothes...

    £ 60.25 £ 47.95

  • A lovely gift boxe with 3 drawers, decorated with plants. (1 drawer = 1 product or 1 accessory.) Make your own product compositions to offer Recycle and store inside everything you want. Through the drawn representation of plants, enter the natural universe Indemne !

    £ 3.00

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  • The paper bag Indemne can contain a care cure, the Christmas gift box or several products of your choice. You can offer the products in a nice gift box.

    £ 1.00

  • Here is the nice Christmas Box - limited edition with the essential products to a beautiful skin. It is composed of: Powder soap: it cleans, softens and repairs the hands of the whole family. Antiseche: to sublimate and deeply nourish face, body, hair and nails! Konjac sponge I Love K: for a gentle cleansing, it removes impurities, dead skin and excess...

    £ 45.30

Our beauty care kits for your hair and skin

We propose a comprehensive range of natural care products, enriched with essential oils and plant oils on our online store. Specifically developed for the dermatological care of atopic, sensitive or irritated skin types, they are totally free from chemical substances. As such, they are well tolerated and the risk of allergic reactions or irritation is significantly reduced. And, to help your skin stay smooth, your body toned and your hair glowing all year round, we have also created a range of slimming and beauty care kits. Our kits contain several products, focus on a wide variety of health and beauty issues and may be used 2 to 3 time per year.

Comprehensive care programmes for targeted actions

We have created kits for different dermatological problems: - an anti-spot kit to reduce excess sebum production, prevent spots, treat acne and diminish scarring; - an anti-irritation kit to relieve sensitive or eczema or psoriasis-prone skin; - an anti-cellulite and slimming kit to smooth and tone the skin and to fight the orange-peel effect; - an anti-itching kit to calm persistent skin and scalp irritation or itching and for relieving seborrhoeic dermatitis. Each kit contains several beautycare products and accessories such as lotions, suction device, Konjac sponge and oils. We create new kits on a regular basis to ensure we can offer you an increasingly-extensive range of care tailored to your needs.

A wide variety of kits available on our online store

Our beautycare and slimming kits are developed exclusively in-house for you by our Indemne R&D team. We study each of our products to ensure we select products which complement each other and which work deep down on the issue of the targeted skin type. To enjoy the full benefit of their actions, we advise you to use these cosmetics and accessories on a daily basis, morning and night, for a set period of at least 56 days. Each kit comes with detailed information on its composition and its effects for skin and/or hair. If you need further details, please feel free to contact us. Some kits are promotional offers or are available as limited editions... so, if you’re interested, don’t wait, make a purchase quickly on our online store!