All the after-sun body skincare of the Indemne Laboratory

You are looking to nourish and repair your body skin after a long time in the sun in a natural and responsible way ? Don’t move! We have the effective and durable solution to give your skin everything it needs. The Indemne Laboratory develops complete nourishing, repairing, protecting and regenerating skincare for your body.

The Indemne Laboratory, diverse and varied skin care to respond to your skin problems.

Does your skin need to be well nourished after sun exposure ? The Indemne Laboratory has developed natural nourishing and regenerating after-sun skin care for your body. The Antisèche oil, The almond or Coconut/Vanilla Babacool oils… You have an amazing choice to regain a nice nourished and repaired skin. The products are from a Made in France production, they are all labeled Organic, vegan, Cruelty free and Slow Cosmetic. The Indemne Laboratory is a real know-how at the service of your skin!

Discover all of our 100% natural after-sun products for your body

The Indemne Laboratory develops 100% natural cosmetic cares for the body, organic and vegan cares entirely composed of vegetable oils and essential oils. All of these natural, organic and vegan cares will bring you all the hydratation your body needs. All of our products are adapted to your type of skin whether they are oily, dry, atopic or damaged… All our products are light and penetrates quickly while leaving a thin layer for a softer, hydrated and soothed skin after every type of irritations. After long exposures to the sun, your skin becomes damaged, dries up and sunburns can appear if you do not protect yourself. Our waterless products form a protective film that accelerates skin repair while hydrating and protecting this area.