Men - Kids

Men - Kids

  • Nourishing oil for face, body and hair. ANTISECHE nourishes, repairs and protects your body from head to toe. Thanks to its natural vegetable oils and essential oils complex, it daily sublimes and envelops your body in a delicate veil of Sweet almond and Neroli. Enjoy a moment of well-being while taking care of you ! For the body : - Wrap yourself in a...

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    100 ml

  • Discover Gimme Clear! in collector's edition with a new design for a modern, sensual, natural anti-acne oil. Be careful! Stock is very limited. GIMME CLEAR! anti-acne lotion is a natural solution with essential oils to treat oily and acne-prone skin. It reduces excess sebum and eliminates clogged pores, pimples and blemishes. It heals pimples and smoothes...

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  • GIMME SOOTHING! is a natural shower gel with essential oils including Cadier Wood, Roman Chamomile, Lentisque, Palmarosato. This shower oil skin care cleanse, protectes and soothes even the most sensitive skins of the whole family. This face and body wash leaves a veil of softness on your skin. This cleansing base nourishes and soothes the most irritated...

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  • GIMME SOOTHING! Anti-irritating lotion is a natural body oil to restore the skin's protective barrier, nourish and protect all the dry or scaly skin such as eczema and psoriasis. Use it to reduce scaling on the face, body and scalp. Only for adults skin. Formulated to relieve and heal itchy skin. This amazing lotion nourishes and soothes the most...

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  • GIMME CLEAN! Ultra silky soothing shampoo with a formula that soothes and protects against dry scalp, scaly, irritated skin and scalp. This natural shampoo is an emulsion of vegetable oils and 5 essential oils like Cadier Wood, Coriander leaves, Roman. It soothes and alleviates the most stubborn itching and irritating skin. Because to not scratch has...

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  • GIMME CLEAN! Ultra soothing lotion is a formula that soothes and protects against dry, scaly, irritated skin and scalp. This body and hair oil soothes the most stubborn itching and skin irritation, thanks to 5 essential oils like Cadier Wood, Coriander leaves, Roman Chamomile and a mixture of other oils which have exceptional purity. Because not to...

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  • Eau de Génie is an organic facial toner to completely remove micelles, make-up residues. It cleanses all skin types. A 100% organic fruits water to revitalize your complexion by restoring, moisturizing, tightening pores, calming irritated skin and brightens. It prepares and helps your skin to absorb your next skin care step more efficiently. Tips: Eau de...

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Indemne Laboratory offers you natural, organic, cruelty-free, and vegan products for men but also for kids.

Indemne Laboratory, the first laboratory 100% natural, organic and vegan in France, offers you a large range of products for the beauty of children but also for the beauty of men. Our products are 100% natural and can be used by the entire family. You can use them on the children's face and body, as well as hair, starting from the age of 36 months, or on men's face, body, as well as their scalp.

At Indemne Laboratory, everyone can take care of their skin in an ethical and responsible way!

Our products, which are made with essential and vegetal oils, are respectful of the environment thanks to the FSC label, a label in favour of sustainable forest management! Moreover, our products are organic, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Indeed, no tests have been made on animals. These are important values at Indemne's, that is why we want to do our part for cosmectics more respecful of the environment, more ethical and responsible products. If these values are important to you as well, Indemne Laboratory's products are perfect for you. We offer you a large range of natural cosmectics made with essential oils. These products are designed to be put on all different skin types in order to leave no one behind because every one deserves to treat its skin with good products for the environment.

Indemne Laboratory's advice to take care of your skin - especially made for men and kids.

It is well known that kids' skin is more sensible than the adults' skin. That is why their skin requires protective care more adapted than adults' care. At Indemne, come discover our care perfectly adapted to kids. Indemne's products can be used strating the age of 36 months! Because you can join Indemne's community at a very young age and start using products more respectful of the environment. We have faith in the next generation to take care of the planet as well as taking care of their skin!

Discouver our natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, care range for men!

Indemne Laboratory leaves no one behind! Taking care of your hair is not reserved for women! Indemne Laboratory offers you care tailored to all skin types. Care perfect for kids' skin as well as adults' skin. We invite you to discover our specific care for men: post-shave care. Yes, it is possible to take care of your beard in an ethical and responsible way. Taking care of itself is not reserved for women; men also have the right to take care of themselves while respecting nature.