• A complete Anti-Cellulite kit to smooth, tone, and deeply free your orange peel effect. It should be used once a day for minimum 56 days* at least and repeated 2 or 3 times a year.  The Anti-Cellulite kit targets the young and strong cellulite, its efficiency is proved up to - 3.4 cm** !  It is composed of:  Two lotions Gimme smooth! (100 ml) : Smoothes...

    £ 53.29

  • Anti-imperfections roll-on - Gimme clear! Little brother of our famous anti-imperfections lotion Gimme Clear!, our Gimme Clear! roll-on is the latest addition to our face care family.              In a single gesture, and without using your fingers, it can be applied directly to the areas affected by pimples/imperfections. The Gimme Clear! roll-on is a...

    £ 8.29

    5 ml

Indemne Laboratory, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and organic products to take care of your body while respecting the environment in an ethical and responsible way.

At Indemne; or the first 100% natural, organic, and vegan laboratory; we think that everyone has the right and deserves to be spoiled. So, that is why Indemne Laboratory offers you a large range of care for your body and especially 100% natural, organic, and vegan. Choose the product(s) that will suit you among our exclusive selection. Indemne follows you in your daily life in order to help you have a skin without imperfections while respecting the environment. Environmentalism matters a lot to us and is a part of our values. All of our products respect the environment thanks to the use of natural and vegetal products.

At Indemne Laboratory, no skin types are left behind!

Indemne offers you on its website a large range of skincare products for the body and for all skin types! We offer skin care products for dry to atopic skins but also for combination to oily and acne-prone skins. We offer different sizes: a travel size, for example, to take your favourite product with you. Either on vacation or on a business trip, it will become an indispensable ally to fight against skin problems. If you have dry, oily or damaged skin! Indemne's products are also made for damaged skins! At Indemne, everyone deserves to be spoiled and to have very soft skin with no imperfections!

Discover all the 100% natural products of Indemne Laboratory to take care of your body.

Discover on our website all our range of products for the body and for all skin types. All of our care will follow in your daily life... because, yes, taking care of our skin and having a nice body is a lot of effort! Thanks to a wide range, you can moisturise, nourish, purify, calm, cleanse and protect your skin no matter what! Our products are composed of different natural essential and vegetal oils, which have an effect on your skin in order to say goodbye to all your imperfections once and for all! So when we have adapted products, various products and especially natural and healthy products, you do not have to look any further! Indemne knows how to make you happy and how to make your skin happy for a well-nourished and moisturised body with high-quality products which are natural, organic and vegan products. So say yes to Indemne, say yes to natural skin-care products, say yes to organic skin-care products, say yes to cruelty-free skin-care products and more importantly, say no to petrochemical products! Come make our community bigger!