• Gimme Soothing! - A natural cleansing base for face and body Gimme Soothing! cleansing base is a gentle, natural, face and body shower gel that cleanses, soothes and protects the whole family’s skin. A lightly-foaming, vegetable glycerin cleansing gel with a naturally flowery fragrance that leaves your skin soft and supple without drying it out. Perfect...

    £ 14.13

    255 ml

  • Miss Ella lotion - A natural micellar water for your face Miss Ella lotion is a natural micellar water composed of 100% pure, organic flower waters. It cleanses, purifies and removes make-up from the face and eyes thoroughly, it soothes the skin, even the most sensitive. A daily must-do step in your beauty routine to ensure your skin stays sustainably...

    £ 13.29

    260 ml

  • Eau de Génie is an alcohol-free, purifying and vitalizing tonic water comprising 100% natural dehydrated fruit waters to be sprayed at 15-20 cm distance from the face. This facial tonic tightens pores and adds the finishing cleansing and make-up removal touch for all types of skin by eliminating impurities and micelles still present on the skin. Its...

    £ 15.42

    135 ml

Indemne Laboratory presents its range of natural make-up remover for your face and eyes, and especially for all skin types.

A natural skincare routine consists of several steps. The first step in a natural and beneficial skincare routine for the skin of your face is the cleansing step! This step is even more essential. A good makeup remover is very important, it will allow your skin to breathe at the end of the day. A good makeup remover will help you remove all the impurities on your face that you may have accumulated throughout the day (such as pollution, dust etc). This is where our Miss Ella lotion comes in. It is composed of 100% pure floral waters, organic and essential oils. It has cleansing, purifying and cleansing properties on the face, eyes and neck area. It calms all skin, even the most sensitive ones. Be careful, do not forget to rinse it because you must always rinse micellar water! The second step is to perfect your make-up removal with our Eau de Génie, a 100% organic alcohol-free tonic lotion.

A range of herbal and natural essential oils

The three products which composed this range are the Gimme-Soothing! cleansing base, the Miss Ella lotion and our tonic water, Eau de Génie. These three products, like all our products, are composed of vegetal and natural essential oils. Each of them has its own properties that will do your skin good.

What make-up remover should you use for your face?

This is why Indemne Laboratory offers you a range of cleansing products that are 100% natural, organic and vegan, with a gentle and protective formulation for your face and eyes, and especially for all skin types! Whether your skin is mixed, oily, sensitive, mature etc. do not hesitate to try all our natural cosmetics. They will take your make-up off, cleanse, and refresh your face skin to leave it feeling fresh and clean… Nothing like a good natural and minimalist makeup remover to brighten your face skin!