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30% off on the cleaner
Natural and soft soap !
NewMoussaillon Mimosa Edition
Natural and soft soap !
I Love
The perfect Lotion anti-spot
Gimme Clear!!
The perfect Lotion anti-spot
Organic facial toner
Organic facial toner

Removes micelles and make-up, fixes your makeup and refreshes you during the day.

  • Domi-No is a blackhead remover to extract comedones in a efficient and clean way. It's easy to use. Nowadays, there is no cosmetic which allow to treat blackheads, Domi-No is THE SOLUTION to get rid of blackhead (sebum excess accumulated in the pores of the skin). The ingenious Domi-No : extracts blackheads in an efficient way allows an targetted and...

    £ 7.95

  • An efficient Anti-itching Kit in 3 steps to treat the irritated scalps and skins (itching, flaking up to seborrheic dermatitis). It acts on face with couperose and acne rosacea, revitalises them and gives radiance back to dull face. It has to be daily used during 56 days at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year. It is composed of: Step 1: Gimme clean!...

    £ 50.85 £ 40.95

  • An efficiency Anti-irritation Kit in 3 steps to treat dry or very dry and sensitive skins which pricks and scratches up to eczema and psoriasis. It has to be daily used during 56 days at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year. It is composed of: Step 1: Gimme soothing! Cleansing base 255 ml: Gentle reparer cleansing gel Step 2: Gimme soothing! Lotion 50...

    £ 49.65 £ 45.95

  • A complete Anti-cellulite Kit in 3 steps to smooth, tone, and deeply free your orange peel effect. It has to be daily used during 56 days* at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year.  Anti cellulite Kit targets the young and strong cellulite, its efficiency is proved up to - 3.4 cm** !  It is composed of :  Step 1 : Gimme smooth! lotion 100 ml : Smoothes...

    £ 60.25 £ 47.95

  • The Kit is in 3 steps to clean, tone and clear acne-prone skin. It has to be used daily during 56 days* at least and renewed 2 or 3 times a year. It acts on oily skin, pimples and acne at the same time for good efficiency and can be integrated in your daily beauty ritual. The skin detox Kit treats pimples, blemishes, microkystes, hormonal pimples, removes...

    £ 57.30 £ 49.75

  • EXCLU WEB – STOCK VERY LIMITED! Discover the new edition of Moussaillon with a sensual perfume of Mimosa. Its floral and powdery notes make you so happy!   Moussaillon, Mimosa Edition  is the 1st 100% natural soap powder, for sprinkle directly on hands thanks to its innovative, economical and ecological powder bottle!   Moussaillon is for clean all skin...

    £ 8.95

  • The paper bag Indemne can contain a care cure, the Christmas gift box or several products of your choice. You can offer the products in a nice gift box.

    £ 1.00

  • The Konjac Sponge I Love K - Black Edition will make your facial cleansing a real pleasure! It is 100% vegetable and natural. Thanks to its special charcoal which has recognized powers, that of oak, the binchotan, your skin will thank you. Binchotan has been used by the Japanese for centuries for its extra purifying properties. Thus, it will clear you of...

    £ 9.95

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Indemne, Who is it, what is it ?

The founder of the brand Christine Simon has been studying essential oils for decades. She is because it has never found a satisfactory solution in products derived from petrochemicals, that she decides to create the brand INDEMNE. She believes in simple and natural ways to feel better.

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